Monday, January 16, 2012

I Am a Writer

by ali cross

The single most important way for you to stick with your writing goals is to change your perspective.

As long as you are playing at writing, it's going to continue to fall to the bottom of your to do list and be relegated to the land of the I Wish or the realm of Almost.

And hey, you're a mom/dad, employee/stay-at-home-parent, housekeeper, dog walker, homework helper . . . the list goes on and on. You've got perfectly good reasons for not putting your writing higher on your list. I'm just saying that as long as you do that, you have to be okay with not meeting your writing goals.

However, if you're serious about those goals in 2012, you must come to terms with being a writer. When I was first starting out, I took a class from the late Ken Rand, a prolific writer and writing instructor. He always said, "Anybody can say you can't write, but don't let anybody say you don't."

Call yourself a writer. Do it. Do it NOW. Put writing at the top (or near it!) of your to do list and then write, write, WRITE! Start with small goals, if you're hesitant to take this giant leap into real writerhood, but set them and meet them you must.

Otherwise, you'll forever live in Almost and you'll never know what it feels like to become a full-fledged citizen of I Did It.

ali cross is the author of Become. She is the Media Director of Authors Incognito. You can catch up with her and her ninja-writer friends at her blog.

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  1. I liked the quote from Ken Rand. Its great. Thanks for sharing.


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